Restructuring activities usually aim at rectifying weaknesses in the strategic alignment, while reversing unfavorable cost development. In practice however, are actions often not taken until emergencies occur. Our experienced specialists counter any issues and support you on a strategic and operational level – ideally prior to urgent necessity. Here, we focus on identifying success factors and implementing company-wide sustainable and economic thinking, also in regards to during MBIs, MBOs or partner changes.

We will support you on an operational as well as strategic level, and our approach has been repeatedly successfully applied. Initially, we check your performance in order to analyze your company’s weaknesses and determine the status-quo. Afterwards, a definition of the desired company state, as well as a comprehensive restructuring concept are developed collaboratively. Next, actions are derived and the implementation is commenced and monitored. During this process, in addition to project management tasks, we take on monitoring, documentation, and operative tasks such as controlling, on an interim basis.