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Pascal Ulrich

Pascal Ulrich has a proven record of many years in consulting. In numerous projects, he has built up and optimized financial areas in the role of a project manager and in this way created more transparency for the management of companies. In addition to the introduction of new processes, this includes the replacement of IT systems and the creation of integrated IT landscapes.

His special talent lies in creating concepts for solving digital problems and deriving pragmatic approaches for their implementation. In doing so, he never loses sight of the consulting team and is in particular happy to help new colleagues get started in the consulting environment.

"We step up together every morning as GHK to help our clients solve their problems and overcome their challenges. We always pay attention to make sure that we don't just scratch the surface, but create sustainable solutions that are real improvements for the clients. This allows us to build trusting relationships with our customers and gives the GHK team the space to create value for our customers. Every day, I look forward to tackling new challenges with my colleagues and proving the effectiveness of our consulting approach."