The Advisory Board – concentrated professional skills and experience

Successful operation in current and future subject areas such as digitisation and the associated transformation necessitates functional competencies and know-how and the practical implementation. We are successful in these areas because our top-class Advisory Board effectively supports our project teams with experience and expertise. Each of our clients benefits greatly from the Advisory Board's special ability to import impulses, determine what is to be focused on and offer solutions.

Our Advisory Board members

Dr. Ingo Mantzke (Chairman

Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.-Kaufmann

Dr. Ingo Mantzke invests in interesting enterprises in various industries and supports them on a long-term basis at the strategic and operational level. The successful businessman serves as Chairman of GHK's Advisory Board. Within the scope of his advisory activity, he makes use of his decades of experience as a finance, controlling and investment expert and as chairman of various supervisory boards.


Fields of specialisation: Finance & controlling, investment management, corporate strategy

Dr. Thomas Endres


Dr. Thomas Endres is passionately committed to providing consulting services to companies with a need for digitisation and a link to high-tech. His motto is: "The impact of IT is what creates a difference, not technology as an end in itself." Since 2007, Dr. Endres has also participated in the annual IT summit of Germany's federal government.


Fields of specialisation: IT strategy, information management, process management

Joachim Lauterbach


For many years, Joachim Lauterbach has analysed the factors of successful corporate transformations. Making use of the experience he gained in several transformations as CEO and managing director of various multinational tech enterprises, he makes sure that GHK's focus and methodology are always up to date.


Fields of specialisation: Agile transformation, digitisation, omni channel management

Hartmut Neumann


Though Hartmut Neuman is the latest member of GHK's Advisory Board, he has already worked with the company for a long time. In his consulting work, he makes use of his more than 20 years of experience in executive positions as CEO/CRO, several years of international restructuring experience and several years of experience in the rollout of M&A and IPO processes.



Fields of specialisation: Sales strategy, transformation, supply chain management


Michael Tenzer


Michael Tenzer has served as the chairman of the executive board of the second-largest international tourism company. Today he supervises a digital travel portal that features innovative products and technology. His input on digital business models and marketing strategies contributes to a holistic perspective of GHK's transformation approaches.


Fields of specialisation: Change management, digitisation, business development