GHK as the interface to success

In a nutshell

GHK rolled out the software provider's ERP project in time and budget. Transparent data can now be used to gain a competitive edge, as GHK has especially optimized the communication between the stakeholders, i.e. the individual departments, IT and the system provider.

The company's executive board is very satisfied with the services of GHK. For this reason, a member of the company's supervisory board requested an offer for the introduction of an SAP CRM module for his own company.

About the project

Our client is a listed stock corporation that operates as a software provider in the B2B segment. With its 430 employees and international operations in nine countries, the company generates revenue of about €100 million a year. The group has 15 subsidiaries, some of which are located outside abroad.

The company used to have a grown IT landscape that comprised diverse software tools. Therefore, there was a plethora of interfaces, and the data structure was not homogeneous. Moreover, the company lacked a uniform data storage approach. Data were stored separately in various parts of the company and were not networked.

An example to demonstrate the situation: Customer data were stored in at least three different locations: as accounts receivable in the accounting department, as customers in sales and in a custom-developed ticketing system for service calls and for the hotline. A fourth set of data used to be created in a project management tool when customers ordered both software and customising services.

The supervisory board asked the executive board to take care of the introduction of an integrated ERP system. Though the current CFO, who is also responsible for IT, is an expert in the field of finance, his knowledge of IT is limited.

As the company lacked the expertise required for the introduction of an ERP system, an external project manager was needed to comprehensively coach the IT project.

Due to GHK's experience in similar projects, the contract was awarded in an expedited tender procedure. From the selection to the implementation of the software, GHK has already successfully supported numerous reference companies.

GHK's mandate was to optimize the IT landscape in order to prepare the company for the future in line with the digitisation trend.

Three reasons for introducing a uniform ERP system:

  • Transformation of the IFRS accounting to a new holding structure
  • Growth through enhanced data transparency for sales and marketing
  • Integration in the customers' digital value creation processes


In view of the lack of human resources, GHK assumed the project management, supervising the software provider on behalf of the customer. In the first step, GHK thus elaborated the target specifications in order to ensure the selection of suitable software and a capable software provider.

The completion was planned for 31 December in order to ensure due reporting to the capital market.

Professional action plan

GHK reached its goal in three stages: analysis, action plan and execution. The employees of all departments involved in the value creation process participated especially in the analysis phase. In employee workshops, GHK analysed the processes, the data available to date, the previous system support and the existing interfaces. The target specification included the financial accounting, controlling, human resources, materials management, sales, service and project management modules.

Based on the defined target processes, a suitable provider was chosen. Of the three feasible options – SAP, Navision and Sage – SAP was selected. The implementation was to include some standard modules as well as some customised solutions. In the employee workshops with the software provider, GHK already made sure that no excessive customising overhead would be incurred.

During the entire process, GHK served as an interface between all stakeholders, both between the departments involved in the company and between the company and the software provider. All who were involved in the process followed the precise, tried and tested GHK project plan. In this way, the agreed milestones and the expenses estimated by the software provider were complied with.

Even before the transition to the new ERP system, GHK assisted the employees at the operational level in the required master data maintenance. Following the implementation, GHK coached the teams in the software tests and was also involved in the training conducted by the software provider.

Ready on time

Thanks to the assistance of GHK, the company was able to introduce an ERP system although it does not have any internal expertise or resources for this task. Thanks to GHK's extensive experience with listed companies, its consulting quality is outstanding. Owing to the professional project rollout, the critical deadline of 31 December was met.


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