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Optimize processes | Case studies

Presentation of best practice examples from GHK projects in medium-sized businesses


In this project the task was to set up the commercial business processes professionally, digitally and efficiently.

Mechanical Engineering

GHK was commissioned to introduce a group reporting system and implement a budget process.


In this project in the tourism sector, the task was to optimize the commercial business processes.


Secure through scaling - with defined structures and responsibilities

GHK was commissioned by the company's managing partner to set up the company professionally and efficiently in the area of commercial business processes (order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay).

Due to a rapid and strong growth in the recent past, it was not possible for the company management to adapt the company structures accordingly to the company size, which had grown many times over. As a result, there were neither defined internal processes nor a clear distribution of responsibilities within the company. In addition, the company lacked a functioning ERP system that met the requirements to the size of the company.

After jointly defining clear responsibilities and designing all commercial business processes and selecting a suitable ERP system, GHK was able to define the structures within the company, significantly increase work efficiency and secure the company's core business in the long term.

Mechanical Engineering

Successful group integration through uniform IT systems and financial processes

GHK was commissioned by the private equity company of a mechanical engineering company to introduce a group reporting system, to optimize financial processes, to support the introduction of IFRS and to implement a budget process for the first time.

The challenges consisted in the fact that countless changes had to be made in the course of the foundation and expansion of a group consisting of different companies taken over at the same time (different process models and decision paths, management changes as well as legal and formal conditions). Furthermore, the employees had to be accompanied throughout the entire process, as there was little know-how in the area of IFRS and budgeting.

GHK established - within the scope of the project - a clear organisational structure with respective responsibilities. Thereby, we optimized and standardized the company's financial processes and trained the employees in IFRS accounting. Through the introduction of uniform group reporting, we prepared a budget for the first time in the form of top-down and bottom-up reporting.


Increased efficiency together with the employees - optimized resource planning

In this project in the tourism sector, the task was to optimize the commercial business processes. The aim was to increase the efficiency of the company. The definition of clear structures, responsibilities and activities for the business processes replaced the previously inefficient resource planning and quickly contributed to success. Within three months, the company's efficiency was increased by 15%.

But any system only works as well as the people who work with it. TThat is why GHK held workshops to teach the affected employees the necessary soft skills and industry-specific know-how, and work out together the advantages of efficient teamwork.