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Implement systems


With these steps we help you to successfully implement your systems

A detailed analysis of your system landscape (IT infrastructure & applications) - against the background of the business model to be supported - is the starting point for every IT project.

Whether financial key figures, reporting, KPI or efficiency increase - we define your goals together as the basis for the necessary IT tools.

We find the ideal software provider (e.g. for ERP or merchandise management systems) with you in presentation workshops.

With a focus on budget and time, we successfully guide you through your digitization project – even operationally on site.

Effective company growth through digital processes

How to make the leap into your digital future

The digitization of reporting and controlling creates transparency. Reporting and controlling systems are used to process and pass on data to control the key performance indicators (KPI) of your company. To this end, information is prepared as reports by appropriate software solutions in controlling and made available to users in a practical and comprehensible form.

Your IT infrastructure is the entirety of your IT operating rooms, communication networks, systems (hardware), programs (software) and IT services. This area is usually associated with regular investments.

Whether flexible workstations, installation of a new telephone system, cloud implementations or the processing of large amounts of data on better servers and faster computers - in view of the existing opportunities in the field of digitalization, the early and efficient use of this potential is a competitive advantage. In a dynamic and competitive environment, a high-performance IT infrastructure is in many cases nothing less than crucial to success.”.

In many cases, the implementation of a new ERP is essential for maintaining competitiveness. However, there is often a lack of knowledge and experience in the company or the capacity for a rapid project alongside the ambitious day-to-day business is simply not available.
GHK provides support at various levels and ensures a holistic approach.

Only the efficient interaction of different applications (e.g. ERP and CRM systems, HCM tools, workflows) and the careful definition of interfaces leads to a decision-relevant use of the different data through suitable BI tools and appropriate management cockpits.

CRM is the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. CRM systems are consistently oriented towards a customer's company and systematically design the customer relationship processes. CRM systems primarily serve to optimize customer relationship processes and to enable digital interaction with the respective customer. In CRM systems it must be possible to display the prospective and existing customers at a glance. CRM systems also serve to document the respective actions with the individual customers and to be able to store the orders won with the customer.

How well are documents available in your company? Do you already benefit from version controls or revision security? The database-supported administration of your documents with a document management system (DMS) offers great potential for optimizing your business processes. Your employees are thus able to process, capture, store and trace documents anywhere and anytime.

In this way, DMS systems are digital archives that facilitate knowledge transfer and help to avoid print documents in the long term.

Business Intelligence (BI) systems increase the efficiency of your company's activities through fully automated processes which - in the best case - do not require any further manual input by your employees. Data retrieval, data transformation, analysis and distribution of standardized reports or key performance indicators are made available with a mouse click - a noticeable relief for your employees in the finance/controlling department.

Imagine that you want to plan or build your own dream house but a friend advises you not to hire an architect or construction manager for this project. But how can this work out if the builder does not know your wishes or ideas?

The builder would most likely position the house in the wrong place, the windows would not be placed according to your wishes and the interior decoration would not cover your requirements. How are you supposed to feel comfortable in your own dream house if nothing corresponds to what you originally dreamed of?

The introduction of an ERP system is comparable to a building project. Identical to a building project, the desired functions must be recorded before implementation in order to select the appropriate system. GHK acts as an architect to set up the target processes and document the functional requirements. During the implementation of the ERP system, GHK acts in project management to ensure that the implementation runs smoothly.


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