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Advisory Board

Experience and expertise of our advisory board

For the successful work in current and future thematic fields such as digitization and the associated transformation, professional competence and know-how in practical implementation are required. We work successfully in these fields because our high-calibre advisory board provides our project teams with optimal support in the form of experience and expertise. Each of our clients benefit from their special abilities to provide impulses, set focus and offer solutions.

Our advisory board members

Expertise from all areas of medium-sized businesses

Alexander Doll


Alexander Doll is currently Chairman of the Supervisory Board of an international investment bank and was previously responsible for finance on the Board of Management of Deutsche Bahn AG. He is a proven financial expert who is very closely connected to medium-sized companies through his advisory activities in various private equity companies. Mr. Doll has a wide range of experience in the transformation of companies in both the financial and digital sectors.



Key areas: Funding, Integration, M&A transactions

Dr. Thomas Endres


Dr. Thomas Endres is passionately dedicated to advising companies in need of digitization and high-tech. Thereby, he acts in accordance with his motto "The effect of IT makes the difference, not the technology as an end in itself". Since 2007, Dr. Endres has also been involved in the annual IT summit of the German government.




Key areas: Information Management, IT strategy, Process Management

Michael Mandel









Key areas: Agile Transformation, Digitization, Omni Channel Management

Michael Tenzer


Michael Tenzer has held various management positions at the tourism groups Thomas Cook and TUI. Today, he leads the novel, digital travel portal “Viamonda Individuell Reisen” which convinces through innovative products and technology. His contribution to digital business models and online marketing strategies contributes to a holistic view of GHK transformation approaches.




Key areas: Business development, Change Management, Digitization

Dieter Weißhaar


Dieter Weißhaar has been active in the information technology and telecommunications industry for almost 30 years as an executive, managing director, board of directors and supervisory board member. He has held management positions at market leaders such as IBM, Oracle and Deutsche Telekom and has managed medium-sized and listed companies. During his professional career he has been involved in many M&A transactions and has developed businesses in EMEA, APAC, South and North America.



Key areas: Digitization, Information Technology, Telecommunications