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Equity Partner

Experts for finance, processes and digital transformation

As a "Strong Partner for the CFO", GHK offers entrepreneurs medium-sized consulting services. Both Founder and Equity Partners are personally committed to our quality and the satisfaction of our clients - feel free to contact us!

Pascal Ulrich

Pascal Ulrich has a proven record of many years in consulting. In numerous projects, he has built up and optimized financial areas in the role of a project manager and in this way created more transparency for the management of companies. In addition to the introduction of new processes, this includes the replacement of IT systems and the creation of integrated IT landscapes.

His special talent lies in creating concepts for solving digital problems and deriving pragmatic approaches for their implementation. In doing so, he never loses sight of the consulting team and is in particular happy to help new colleagues get started in the consulting environment.

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Karl Arnold

Karl Arnold has already led projects in various business models, from plant engineering to staff leasing to catering and nursing homes. In these projects, Karl always homes in on the individual requirements of our client situation and focuses on understanding not only systems and methods, but especially individual context to always bring direct benefits to our clients.

His special talent lies in his quick wits, which helps him add value to a project even in a short time, while his affable nature allows him to motivate and carry along all project members.

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