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The inevitable technological change results in a shift of direction on the market. Companies that successfully transition with the digitisation will significantly generate profit of competitive advantages. Companies with traditional business models will struggle to keep up with their competitors. However, the transition into the digital future poses barriers and requires a change in thought concerning profound entrepreneurial processes.

GHK Management Consulting supports you in three vital areas:

Optimize processes: How does the digitisation contribute to optimize processes of your business for increased efficiency and transparency?

Implement systems: Which hard- and software installations are necessary to facilitate cooperation?

Transform business: Which new business segments prepare your company successfully for the future?

The holistic GHK consulting approach combines business management know-how with digital expertise. Together with you, we develop solutions and accompany you consistently until successful implementation. The aim is to make the digital change in your company positively visible in your key company figures.

For the implementation steps, GHK believes in an on-site approach with our specialists integrating themselves into your team in an appreciating manner. This way, we facilitate an important transfer of know-how. Your employees and managers will feel increasingly confident in the new, digital business processes. This ensures an optimal acceptance of the changes.

In many cases, companies lack the time, manpower and practice to implement complex digitisation projects in a goal-oriented manner. Therefore, our clients benefit from our experience in over 150 projects. We use the know-how we have gained from these projects to provide optimal support for your project and lead it to success. To this end, we establish the appropriate process flows and are active in project management during the project implementation. For example, we act as a discussion interface between the individual software providers and your company.

We organize the digital change in your company in such a way that your operative business is restricted as little as possible. Therefore, you receive a concept for your future business success and at the same time a step-by-step plan for implementation. So that your employees can continue to devote themselves to their core business, we support you in operational activities, for example in entering master data into the new IT system.

We communicate in a timely, regular and clear manner so that you can keep an overview of the status of your digitisation project and track the necessary steps at any time. Thereby, an appreciative and attentive cooperation among colleagues is just as important to us as the coordination with you.

We know that we win the trust of our clients only through performance and reliability. That is why we are 100 % loyal to our clients and show a high level of commitment to end your project successfully. This means for us, we are punctual, keep to agreements, design the best and not the first-best solution, point out imponderables in time and do not look at the clock when it comes to reaching a milestone. Each individual team member represents the values and goals of GHK.

Process optimisation, system implementation or the holistic transformation of your business can only succeed if your employees are also in favor of the innovations. Numerous projects fail due to this breaking point. That is why one of our most important tasks is to explain necessary changes in such a way that all the teams involved are convinced of their usefulness.

From the very beginning, we communicate the advantages of project implementation in time and are always available as contact persons in accordance with our hands-on mentality. If your employees understand that they can help to make their company fit for the future, fears are minimised. Instead, the willingness to get involved effectively in the project grows rapidly.

Short-term liquidity protection or long-term corporate security? Thanks to our many years of experience, we as finance and IT specialists will show you suitable solutions and support you in your implementation. Thereby, we rely on digital tools in order to adapt your company to the challenges of your market.

Due to the special nature and high sensitivity of the financial sector, we have a profound industry know-how which we implement in our projects on a daily basis.

In order to be pioneers in the financial and IT industry, we at GHK regularly train ourselves. In this way, we ensure that we can always show our clients the most up-to-date and efficient solutions and thus increase productivity in the company.

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