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Just how well your company is positioned in the spirits sector for the digital challenges of the future is proven time and again in crisis situations. The leaner, simpler and more digital the processes are, the more even difficult phases can be experienced successfully. In particular, due to the high dependency on the food retail trade, a functioning ERP system and its linkage with trading partners is indispensable for the success of a company.

Due to the constant price pressure in the retail trade, it is important to keep production and logistics costs as low as possible in order to be able to secure a positive company result in the long term. We have been able to successfully support many of our clients through digitisation measures in their commercial business processes, too. Often, we have found out that accurate digitisation (e.g. clean master data maintenance) has already led to significant improvements within the processes, as this is reflected in the discounting, among other things.

Accordingly, especially in the area of spirits, we see a clearly coordinated and jointly developed procedure down to detailed measures as the most important foundation stone for a successful project.

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